Health Buddy Bootcamps

Fun, enjoyable and friendly bootcamps for all fitness levels

If you are looking for Bootcamps near Buckingham, the popular HealthBuddy Bootcamps are based in the nearby village of Steeple Claydon. 

The HealthBuddy bootcamps help you lose weight, tone up and improve your fitness levels with fun and varied group sessions.

You will be joined by other likeminded people as the HealthBuddy bootcamps near buckingham are designed to suit all fitness levels from beginner to Competitive athlete – keeping you motivated throughout the sessions!

In addition to the Bootcamps, 1-1 personal training sessions are also available in Steeple Claydon and surrounding villages.

What happens in the sessions?

No two sessions will ever be the same as we focus on your strength and fitness whilst always keeping the sessions fun, yet always challenging you.

Sessions stay varied using elements of HIIT workouts, circuits, group games, workouts to music, indoor and outdoor sessions as well as trackable results to keep you progressing.

So if you have been looking for bootcamps near buckingham, then the HealthBuddy Bootcamps can be just what you are looking for!

Bootcamps near Buckingham
bootcamps near buckingham

What are the benfits?

A main focus at the HealthBuddy bootcamps is to keep things fun and enjoyable for everyone but whilst you are having fun you will also be working hard and seeing the results you have always craved.

Improved fitness
No longer get out of breath carrying out daily tasks
Improved strength
Feel your body getting stronger and your joint pains disappear
Increased flexibility
No more aching and creaking joints!
Reduce stress and anxiety
A fitter body is proven to improve our mental health
Keeping active increases our serotonin levels (our happy hormone)
Weight loss
Increasing your activity burns calories and building muscles helps to keep the weight off - even when your not working out!
Nutritional guidance
As a qualified and experienced nutritional advisor, help is always on hand with your diet to get you the best results possible
Enjoy your fitness sessions
Maybe for the first time!

Get Your Free Taster Session!

Contact me below to book in for a completely free 1st session and come along and enjoy a HeathBuddy Bootcamp session before you join.

Based in the small village of Steeple Claydon, these bootcamps near buckingham are so popular that we want as many people as possible to come along for free and see just how fun bootcamp sessions should be.

Got any questions?

If you have a questions about the Health Buddy Bootcamps then first check out the FAQs here, and if you can’t find the information you are after then contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any question you have.

No. You are more than welcome to come and try a session for free and we would love to have you join more regularly but if it doesn’t work out for you, you have no obligation to join and can just leave after your free session.

Absolutely! We have members of all ages and fitness levels within the HealthBuddy Bootcamps so you are more than welcome and will be made to feel at ease immediately. There is no competition between members, simply come along and do your best.

Each session has various options for varying fitness levels so if you find it too tough in one session, simply choose the easier, more basic options next time. You will of course be guided throughout and have your coach on hand to assist during every session.

Absolutely! Group exercising is great fun and we have a very friendly atmosphere at HealthBuddy Bootcamps but if you are not familiar with group training, you can take up the offer of our FREE taster session to see if you love it.

Membership is run on a concession scheme so you buy sessions in blocks of 5 or 10. If you are ill, injured or simply cannot attend one day, you just keep the sessions you haven’t used. Concession bookings have a 3 month expiry date and this is long enough to cover most injuries and illnesses.

 It is unlikely as we have a mixture of all ages, abilities and sexes. Even if you are, you will be made to feel very welcome in our friendly group.

Classes can be attended from anybody 14 years and upwards. Age is not a barrier to joining, but you will have to complete a pre exercise questionnaire to ensure it is safe for you to exercise.

At the moment, classes are run in Steeple Claydon only but there are plans in place to open HealthBuddy Bootcamps in Buckingham, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury.

Sessions can be booked in blocks of 5 or 10. These are on a concession basis so you only ever use the sessions that you actually attend. Block booked session have a use by date of 3 months from date of purchase.

Absolutely! Providing the person you have bought them for meets our age criteria and passes our medical questionnaire prior to joining the sessions.

Our coaches are all qualified in and passionate about nutrition so are always on hand to newer your food queries. If you wish to really take your nutrition to the next level, HealthBuddy runs 1-1 nutrition courses and produces many recipe books to aid your training.